At Bottom Up Credit we built a better way to repair your credit. We use the greatest technology to simplify the credit repair process. Our

easy-to-use online tools help you evaluate and understand our systematic practice, and access your credit insights. Here's to cutting through the establishment with a people first approach. Helping you succeed from the Bottom UP!







Why Work With US? 


1. Take control of your finances.



2.Learn how to navigate the credit repair maze with ease.



3.Work one-on-one with Board Certified Credit Consultants.



4.Restore, rebuild, and raise, your credit score.

Our number one priority is for our clients to achieve financial freedom. We deal with the debt collectors and credit bureaus so that you don't have to. We work for your best interest, so you can get back to doing what you love. 


It pays to work with a credit repair service. Regardless of circumstance, our customers save  thousands in interest and settlement payments. 

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